The platforms of digital communication

Yesterday we spoke about important questions in our post, “The basics of digital communication“. As this is a series of posts to help you get your brand on the web, we’re picking up where we left off: researching possible platforms for your brand. You can stick to one or go with multiple platforms, as long as it falls in line with your brand and it’s audience.

Here’s a quick overview of five popular platforms used by brands around the globe:

Facebook is great for sharing snippets of information, useful links, images, grouped engagement and conversations and event awareness, to name but a few. Businesses usually opt to use Facebook when they want to post longer posts.

Twitter is where conversations get started. The 140 character limit allows for small links and short article headlines, and tedious paragraph-like updates are taken out of the picture. When conversations about what you’ve posted are started, it’s easy to group them together and interact with your users in short, concise posts.

Google+, the youngest of larger social media platforms can be used a lot like Facebook, however, nifty functions like Hangouts (video chats) can be saved and posted with ease. The Circles method of grouping content also makes it easy to get information to a particular group of people.

Instagram is a purely visual platform geared towards photography and an audience that prefers to be connected through beautiful imagery. If you’re in the business of visuals, Instagram is most likely where you want to be, however pairing it with Facebook and Twitter is advisable. Links are not a priority on Instagram, growing your following is.

Pinterest can be personal or professional and is also driven by aesthetics, but with links to helpful articles and blogs. You’ll find anything from fashion to DIY to health tips on Pinterest, and it’s a solid, easy to use space to create mood boards and the like for inspiration for yourself or your audience.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at a few more platforms, including excellent blogging options.


For more information, take a browse around our site and if something tickles your fancy, and you’d like more information, feel free to contact us.


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