Why FNB ditching Internet Explorer 8 is big news

Please note that this piece is an opinion piece based on current events.

If you haven’t heard of First National Bank kicking IE8 to the curb, well, now you know.

Their reasoning is this: “FNB cannot be restricted by the limitations Internet Explorer 8 imposes on our ability to develop a world class Online Banking system” and have recommended that their online banking customers download popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to use for their banking instead. Get this information from the horses mouth here.

We cannot help, but give FNB a round of applause. The international award winning bank is well known for it’s innovative online banking experience and we’re quite proud that this South African bank is taking a stand against mediocrity, even if it is only to ditch Internet Explorer 8 – it’s a start.

Why is this an important piece of news? Because if FNB can do something this bold, why can our leading service providers not follow suit? It’s tax season in South Africa right now and we’re forced to deal with only Internet Explorer as our revenue service has not geared it’s e-filing website to work optimally on Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This means that we have to revert to the runt of the internet browser family to submit our tax returns, which is not ideal.

Living in the information age certainly has it’s perks, but Internet Explore isn’t one of them.

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