What the internet taught us on the day that Robin Williams died

We woke up to the news that comedic legend, Robin Williams, had passed away due to apparent suicide. We were shocked for a while, then we watched a serious amount of YouTube videos and then we stood in silence while trying to process the reality of the situation: depression had most likely claimed another victim.

Social Media and the Internet are both inundated by posts about Robin Williams’ unexpected death. People are baring their souls on digital platforms to let the world know that they are feeling the loss of this hilarious hero. While loving words of support and condolences are being posted, and motivational memes are shared, a reminder of the darkness of depression settles in. Simply click on any of the #depressionawareness hashtags on Facebook or Twitter and you’ll find a digital world where the call to eradicate the stigma against mental illness is not just strong, it’s desperate. The internet today is telling us to take note of the silent battles people are fighting, to open our eyes to the disease that so many of our favourite individuals are suffering from.

Today, we’d like to take the opportunity to share a few important links for those that need to be heard:
South African Depression and Anxiety Group
SA Federation for Mental Health
Mental Health Information Centre: Southern Africa

Our thoughts and condolences go out to not only the Williams family, but also to every one of our followers that has been affected by or lost someone because of mental illness.


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