Downton Abbey uses publicity faux pas for good

Hot off of the heels of a publicity photo blunder, the cast and crew of Downton Abbey did something amazing to promote the efforts of WaterAid.

The blunder:
A photo of the The Earl and Lady Edith was released for the launch of the latest season of Downton Abbey. However, a similar, uncropped version of the photo made its way onto digital platforms and went totally viral. Why? A plastic bottle of water can clearly be seen in the right hand corner of the photo and for those not familiar with Downton Abbey: it’s a period drama. Plastic water bottles weren’t exactly all the rage back in the time of flapper dresses and dress suits. Oops!

Downton Abbey cast and water-bottle-gate

The Earl and Lady Edith, and the water bottle that started it all. Photo credit: Downton Abbey/Facebook

The fix:
The cast and crew of Downton Abbey came up with a genius plan: why not use the publicity faux pas for good? They teamed together to promote the international charity, WaterAid. They can be seen photographed together sporting naughty faces while all holding plastic bottles of water. The picture was released on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag: #WH2Oops. Such a cheeky bunch.

Downton Abbey cast and water-bottle-gate

Aren’t they just grand? Photo credit: Downton Abbey/Facebook

Visit the WaterAid website to find out more about the tongue in cheek approach to charity and to learn how you can help provide clean and safe water to some of the world’s poorest communities.


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